The Process of Using Certified Mail Postage Stamps

06 Nov

When you need to send sensitive documents, you can rely on the postal service to get them delivered. This is especially assured when you use the Certified Mail Service. You can make it even more convenient for yourself, by using the online certified mail postage stamps printing software.

This shall spare you so much in terms of time, energy and expenses going to the postal office. You shall find using the online service a much easier alternative. You can dedicate the time you would have used shuttling between your home or office and the postal office to do other more important things.

When you wish to use the certified mail postage software, you shall need to have certain things in place.  A computer with an internet connection shall ensure the process goes smoothly. You will also need a reliable printer, either color or black-and-white. You then have to purchase the adhesive Certified Mail Labels which the postal office approves of. You must not forget to get a metered weighting scale that they also approve of.

Once you have these things in place, you shall then proceed to prepare your mail. Start by packaging the documents or item to be shipped. You then need to weigh it using the scale. You then key in the sender's and receiver's mailing address into the software. You also need to include details of the weight of the shipment, and the method to be used to deliver it, whether first class, media, priority, or express. You also need to ascertain if you shall be using the certified mail option or any other.

You then have the option to customize the design of the postage. You can have your company logo and name in the design. Good software can also allow you to integrate further design considerations, such as having photographs in it. Once you are done, you can include the design there. You then need to pay for your stamps online. There should be a secure payment option online. Most companies have a prepaid account set up, from which the charges shall be deducted. Be sure to check it out!

After paying, you can print out the postage stamps. You can then peel them off the adhesive backing, and affix them on the package to be shipped. You can call the postal service to arrange for the pick-up. They also allow for routine pick-ups if you are a busy company that shuttles back and forth plenty of mail. They shall, therefore, send over a postal delivery and pick-up person, who you shall be dealing with.

This process makes handling sensitive material an even more secure and stress-free task. To read more about the benefits of email labels, visit

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